Tulsa Hedgehog Roundup

November 25, 2023

Judging by Antigone Means and Zury Burleson


     Best in Show: Muffin (HHV; Ashley Woltjer) 

     Best of Opposite Sex: None entered

Best Adult Female:  Muffin (HHV; Ashley Woltjer)

Color Classes:

     Adult Female Dark Eyed Solid:  1st: Muffin (HHV; Ashley Woltjer) 112

     Adult Female Pinto/Reverse Pinto: Honorable Mention: Melody (HHV; Blake and Tabby Craven) 75


     Best in Show: Peaches (Nicole Hetzel) 

     Best of Opposite Sex: Cassio (Nicole Hetzel)

Best Adult Female:  Peaches (HHV; Nicole Hetzel)

Best Adult Male: Cassio (Nicole Hetzel)

Color Classes:

     Adult Female Red Eyed Solid:  1st: Peaches (Nicole Hetzel) 109

     Adult Female Pinto/Reverse Pinto: 1st: Penelope (Zoie Crum) 105

         2nd: Priscilla (Nicole Hetzel) 98.5

     Adult Female Dark Eyed Solid: 3rd: Rose (Nicole Hetzel) 90

     Adult Male Dark Eyed Solid: 3rd: Cassio (Nicole Hetzel) 88.5

Peaches, Best in Show Pet, Tulsa, 2023

Muffin, best in show pedigreed

Post-show smiles :)

Enjoying the hegehoggery :)

Hedgucating the public.


Tulsa Hedgehog Roundup

November 26, 2022

Judging by Antigone Means, Zury Burleson, and Zempleni Szabolcs

Alexandria Papperman with RTW Silvery


Best in Show:  Silvery (RTW: Rushtawin)

Best of Opposite Sex: Millie (HHV: Hedgehog Valley) (2 judges)

HHV Millie

Best Adult Male:

     1st: Bantes: 107.6 (RTW: Rushtawin)

     2nd: Boom:  103.3 (RTW: Rushtawin)

     3rd: Signal Bay: 91.3 (RTW: Rushtawin)

Best Juvenile Male:

     1st: Silvery: 113.3 (RTW: Rushtawin)

     2nd:  Grunge: 96 (RTW: Rushtawin)

Best Adult Female:

     1st: Bold Assumptions: 105.7 (RTW: Rushtawin)

     2nd: Citrus: 100 (RTW: Rushtawin)

     3rd: City Lights: 94.6 (RTW: Rushtawin)

Best Juvenile Female:

     1st: Millie: 111 (HHV: Hedgehog Valley) (2 judges)

     2nd:  Azochkya: 101.6 (HHV: Hedgehog Valley) (2 judges)

     3rd: Grease: 84.3 (RTW: Rushtawin)


Nicole Hetzel with Priscilla

Best in Show: Priscilla (Owned by Nicole Hetzel)

Best of Opposite Sex:  Gwendalyn (Owned by Jillian Terrill)


Best Adult Female:

     1st: Priscilla: 113.7

     2nd: Gwendalyn: 58.6

Show observers petting a hedgehog for the first time. Silvery was a great ambassador!

Award ribbons

Show Steward, Alexandria Papperman, at the sign in desk.

Priscilla and her human, Nicole Hetzel, accept their award from Senior Master Judge, Antigone Means